Who are we?

about ricardo

My name is Ricardo Garcia, and I am from Mexico.

I graduated from the University of Mexico City (UNAM) with a degree in marine biology, including specialized instruction in coral reefs. Over 20 years ago I came to Cozumel and obtained my scuba certification. I fell in love with Cozumel, and now I am proud to share the island – my home – with you. I have been working as a divemaster and scuba instructor for 24 years on Cozumel.
Throughout the years I have had the opportunity to travel and dive in exotic locations like….., but I always return to my roots.

Diving is not only my profession, it is my passion. I am a PADI Master Instructor, CMAS instructor, IAHD instructor, TDI deep diver, and NACD full cave diver.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experience as a diver, a marine biologist, and a Mexican with you! Or, It pleases me to share my knowledge and experience as a diver, a marine biologist, and a Mexican with you!

about karen

My name is Karen Bloemhoff, and I am Dutch by origin.

From the moment I set foot on Cozumel over 15 years ago, I experienced the incredible warmth and hospitality of the Mexicans. The welcoming people and the ability to dive in the beautiful waters surrounding Cozumel convinced me to stay, so eight years ago I turned my life upside down and moved to the island. Not once have I regretted my decision.

I am a PADI Instructor and I have been teaching diving on Cozumel since 2005.

The ocean is our office; let us share it with you!

We have been scuba diving in Australia, Asia, America, and Europe, and while every spot in the world has its own unique and specific charms, diving in Cozumel allows us to explore the amazing diversity of the Mexican Caribbean. From the Meso-American Reef system – where we dive walls, coral heads and caves, to the sacred cenotes on the Yucatan Peninsula, our goal is to show you why Cozumel is consistently rated one of the world’s best dive destinations.